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Jay Z Working on a new Album Called “Lemon Lime” to Address Beyonce’s Lemonade Album!

Beyonce‘s Lemonade album has helped Mrs. Carter achieve Billboard records, net the biggest first-week sales performance of her career, and evoke responses from police departments and politicians. As expected, she’s stopped the world once again, and while it returns to its proper axis, reports of a response record from her own husband have begun to circulate.  
Lemonade, an album that illustrates the heart-wrenching arc of a woman’s healing process after infidelity on behalf of her husband, is believed by many to be roughly based on Beyonce and Jay Z‘s actual relationship, which has been under intense scrutiny since Bey’s sister, Solange, infamously attacked Jay Z in a Met Gala elevator in 2014.

Though Bey and Jay have been spotted out looking as married as ever since the release of the record, many have speculated as to whether or not Hov will tell his side of the story with his own forthcoming opus, which hasn’t been confirmed by anyone in Jay’s camp, but is expected to be on the way. This picture of Jay in the studio has been making its rounds on social media, and US Weekly reports today that an insider–they’re all insiders, aren’t they–says Jay Z is currently “working on an album telling his side of things.” 

It would certainly be an interesting direction for Hov to take his 13th solo album, who generally doesn’t go into the ornate details of his marriage on his albums, opting instead to speak lightly and positively about his and Bey’s romance on songs like “Part II.” Should Jay release an album this year, it would be his first official release since 2013’s Magna Carta Holy Grail, which was certified platinum before it hit store shelves.

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