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Flynt Water Did This to His Skin!!!!

It has been several years in the making and the Flynt Michigan water crisis remains unfixed. Kids are suffering from lead poisoning and various skin conditions.
“I don’t trust them because to me they knew what was going on,” said Gerry Woodberry, 50, of losing his trust in government after the Flint water crisis. “A little shortcut to save them money, while you’re destroying people’s lives… I can’t regain my trust. I really can’t. I feel like this situation with me trying to get help, they don’t really care, they just don’t care. It’s not them that’s affected, so why should they care. That’s how I feel.” Woodberry who deals with the effects of lichen planus, a disease that causes the body to mistakenly attack its own skin cells, said his condition has been made worse by the water situation to the point where his skin aches at times. “Before this water changed, when I would take my showers, it would soothe my skin,” he said. “When I get out now, it’s the total opposite. It’s like I’m very irritated, like I’m very dry. It’s constantly hurting. Some days I can’t even put my socks on or my shoes.”

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