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Birdman Going Broke! They Just Foreclosed On His Miami Condo!

Every thing that shines isn’t gold…or bling bling in the case of Rap Mogul Birdman. He claims to be worth $100mm, but his current financial picture paints a very different scenarion.

Birdman’s condo association, Ivy Condo Association, says between him bouncing checks and racking up over $12.5K in unpaid fees they’ve had enough — they filed a lien in November, and asked the court to foreclose on the rap mogul right before Christmas. Damn. Birdman bouncing checks now! Time to sale that Bugati!

Birdman is also having tax problems. He has a reportedĀ $1.9 million federal tax lien, a $1 mil lien from a construction company … plus, he took out a $5M loan againstĀ his mega-mansion in April, just to fix it up and stunt!

Source: TMZ

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